During a traffic stop, Officer Charles Zagursky asked a driver about his 'faggot ass wipers'

Philadelphia Officer Officer Matthew Zagursky videotaped extorting driver and using anti-gay language
Photo via Philly.com
Philadelphia cop taped using anti-gay slur
24 August 2015

A Philadelphia cop is in hot water for a videotape where he extorts a driver and uses anti-gay language. The video (see below) of Officer Matthew Zagursky is making the Internet rounds.  According to Philly.com, it was taped last week during a traffic stop.

Instead of giving the driver a ticket, Zagursky offered the driver, and passenger, a deal. They could buy two tickets to fundraiser that pays college tuition for the children of officers and firefighters killed in the line of duty. The tickets cost $30 (€26).

‘Either you buy these or I take your car, ’cause it’s unregistered,’ the officer says.

The money is exchanged. The nine-year veteran wonders about the driver’s ‘faggot ass wipers.’ The driver, who at the moment is only going by ‘Rob,” says they are pink because his grandmother is a breast cancer survivor.

The officer is not impressed, insisting the driver looks like a ‘fruitcake.’

Zagursky is on administrative duty pending an Internal Affairs Bureau review.

Commissioner Charles Ramsey blasted the officer’s behavior.

‘No part of that video is good, Ramsey said, according to Philly.com ‘It’s just bad all the way around.

‘He used the tickets as a lever to not do his duty,’ Ramsey continued. ‘That’s extortion. Whether or not it’s criminal is a decision above my pay grade.’

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