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The one and only Liza Minnelli turns 70 on Saturday (12 March) and it is clear that despite her many personal ups and

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A barber has denied a trans man service after he claimed his religion prevents him from cutting women’s hair.


Kendal Oliver, who served for six years in Afghanistan, booked

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A gay 20-year-old man has apparently committed suicide after being relentlessly bullied by classmates.

Trevor O’Brien, a student in Gillette, Wyoming, was found dead on Tuesday night (8 March).

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Michael B Jordan and director Ryan Coogler recently posed for a picture with Vanity Fair to discuss their two collaborations: Creed and Fruitvale Station.


But when it was posted

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Even though the country sometimes gets attention for its conservative character, the gay aspect of the Italy is widely popular and very attractive to the LGBTI travelers around the globe. Who

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Majority of lesbians in Hong Kong will prioritise working in a LGBT-friendly work environment and reject workplace discrimination in terms of sexual orientation, according to a survey.

Conducted by the Women Coalition

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Family members are calling for the horrific attacker, who used a hammer to assault a gay man, to face murder charges.

For Mitchell Pope, who suffered severe head injuries,

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If you’ve ever imagined what it’d be like if the world was turned on its head, this house in Taipei is the right place to give you a taste.


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A Christian pastor who impregnated and married a teen girl with the approval of his wife believes if same-sex marriage is legal, then so should his polygamy.

Thom Miller, 60, who

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Time was when an HIV positive diagnosis was considered a life sentence – but thankfully, those days are far behind us.

Thanks to medical advances, HIV positive people who are responsive

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The city of Takarazuka, in Hyogo prefecture will start issuing ‘partnership’ certificates to gay couples in June next year.

‘One of the primary missions of local governments is to stand on the

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